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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Make Bowling More Exciting

(submitted by Josh Wilson)

10. Greased up balls and no finger holes or shoes. (RAW)
9. Points awarded for "number of lanes crossed" (Bob Clemmons)
8. Deduct points if the ball hits the ground before it hits the pins. (Chris Pittman)
7. Foul line guarded by high intensity laser (jeff)
6. You must catch your ball shot out of the ball return at 30 mph. (Leaper)
5. Computer chip in ball which says "Ow! My eyes!" whenever fingers are inserted in the holes. (Zippy)
4. Blindfolds! (Vasitor, Chris Pittman, Mike D.)
3. Roller skates instead of bowling shoes (Leaper, Ackhack)
2. Two words: Exploding pins. (Stickboy, kyl, Michael J. Dogstar, IGGY, Ben)
1. Each opposing team picks a person to be 'goalie'. (Vasitor, Aaron Voisine, satarra)

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