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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Use a Brick

(submitted by morgan t.)

10. Carry it with you wherever you go. At random times drop to your knees and pray to it - "O Holy Claystiffieus!" (BroK - the religious one)
9. Hug it, squeeze it, & name it George. (Gigi)
8. Use brick & pipe cleaners to create a new exercise machine. Film an infomercial about the new tummy-trimming AbBrick. (Guth)
7. Dress up as Fred Flintstone and use it as business card. (Ramses)
6. Backup remote control for your TV (Comes in OFF function only). (Stickboy)
5. Start your own personal riot! (Godot)
4. Hide it in the ceral box to surprize your kid brother. (alakazam)
3. Sell it to the Big Bad Wolf, for analysis, and invest in pork stocks. (mjolnir)
2. punch through it and get a power star, like Mario. (N64)
1. Create a town festival around the brick, complete with elephant ears and face painting. Call it "Brickmania." (Guth)

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