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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Make Taxes Fun

10. Pay your tax bill in pennies. (curik, Garren)
9. Two words: Orgasm deduction. (ZT)
8. Have Ed McMahon deliver your refund check. (David Sarkozi, Scoop)
7. Attempt to make deductions for business expenses like "hit men" or "goats". (Josh)
6. Make the IRS agents wear big pants and clown makeup when you're being audited. (Stickboy)
5. Take a hint from 'Speed': If your deduction goes below $500, your accountant explodes. (The Lizard Queen)
4. Fold forms until they are the size of a jolly rancher. (Warchild)
3. Claim your potted plants as dependents. (Craig The Nutcase)
2. Do them in crayon. (Michael J. Dogstar, Dave R., rob, Ping Pong, Chris Pittman, Warchild, PamH)
1. Create your own nation, tax heavily. (Alexis)

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