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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons the Dinosaurs Died Out

10. Back then the world was flat so they just walked off the edge. (Massfro)
9. Huge earthquakes were created after early dinosaurs discovered 'breakdancing'. (Vasitor)
8. They didn't use suntan oil (Tenel Ka)
7. Survived asteroid, trampled by flock of insurance salesmen (rob, dino sore)
6. It was part of their contract with Steven Spielberg. (Ramses)
5. A giant systems crash with Windows 95000000 (BC). (Josh)
4. They didn't die - it's all a CIA coverup (Cecil)
3. Kept pulling the "do not remove" tags off of mattresses (Sheldon White)
2. Cousin Barney humiliated them to death (Terra, SarahE., Steve X, NERDYS)
1. Peanut-sized brains led them to mass suicide when a comet neared Earth. (curtis)

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