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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Cloning is a Bad Idea

(submitted by Rei Leaper Nakazawa)

10. Because other Scottish inventions include haggis and kilts. (lyonsm)
9. One more Elvis shopping at Kmart (Munchkin)
8. Extreme competition for Double Mint gum commercials (srp, Hoops)
7. The sheep will rule the world (SPLAT)
6. Two words: Two words: Two words: Two Words: Two Words: Two... (Impulse Shopper)
5. After cloning, have to be careful wearing "I'm With Stupid ->" T-shirts. (al)
4. It's just a baaaad idea! (Garren)
3. Michael Jordan passes to Michael Jordan, misses, rebound Michael Jordan. MJ goes up for 2. the basket counts!! Bulls win it 245-98!!! (JSmikle)
2. Your clones might pick over the Whitman's Sampler before you (
1. Multiplexes with 20 screens and every movie starring Pauly Shore (

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