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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs the guy next to you at a baseball game is nuts.

(submitted by Ed Gorman)

10. He is composing a political manifesto on empty popcorn bags. (Polly)
9. He holds an orange plastic "radar gun" in front of him for the whole game, and after every pitch shouts, "Wow! Three hundred miles per hour!" (NDB)
8. He catches a pop fly by first shooting the outfielder. (Leaper)
7. He somehow got all of the 30,000 promotional baseballs given out at the gate (NDB)
6. He proposes to eleven different women on the JumboTron scoreboard (NDB)
5. Constantly trying to stuff four baseballs in his mouth. (MonkeyCleaner)
4. One minute-- toga. Next minute-- it's gone. (ryan)
3. Insists rubbing glove oil all over himself will prevent aging (jeff)
2. He has had a uniform tatooed onto his entire body. (Vasitor)
1. He asks how much a stolen base costs on the black market (

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