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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Computer Has a Virus

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10. Norton's Disk Doctor reports you to the CDC (Venkman)
9. Little pools of jumbled letters and symbols on your desktop (J.W.Williams)
8. You could have sworn there was data on your hard drive yesterday... (Stickboy)
7. It calls into work sick. (Mike Shawhan, Impulse Shopper, wheeli)
6. It seems everytime you turn it on, it's been sending donations to some guy named George out in the Midwest (Queen Lessa)
5. At startup, it says, "Please just let me lay down" in a nasal voice. (Steve Weiss)
4. It doesn't feel up to surfin' the web (Jeska)
3. You remember the night it got drunk and recklessly shared disks with several other know it didn't use "protection". (Yorick the jester)
2. It drips yellow goo and has a temperature of 102. (Vasitor)
1. Damn thing goes through Kleenex like its going out of style (Bro K)

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