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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Presidential Perks

10. When eating out, if you want soup AND salad, by golly, you get soup AND salad! (Josh)
9. They don't ask, they just go ahead and Super-Size it for ya! (Wubba)
8. All the peanuts you want on Air Force One (Skink)
7. Need more coffee? Invade Columbia (NDB)
6. 10% off Chia pets. (Steve Weiss)
5. Order pizza without telling anyone, then watch the delivery boy get frisked by the Secret Service (JEB)
4. Wear your "Presidential Sombrero of Justice and Equality" with no questions asked! (Thunder)
3. Make extra money by selling "President's Own" food products (NDB)
2. Few people speak up when you cut in line at the bank (NDB)
1. Trash the White House every New Year's Eve, blame it on the VP (NDB)

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