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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons the Egyptians Built the Pyramids

10. Sleazy developer convinced local officials of revenue generating potential. (lefty)
9. Filled up finger holes, preventing Earth's use as intergalactic bowling ball (Noth)
8. Pyramid???? Pyre!!! I said FUNERAL PYRE!!!!! (Alexis Faye)
7. Discovered that you could heat up herbal tea much faster by placing cup inside center of pyramid (Jenny)
6. Their parents told them not to. (Yorick the jester)
5. To give History 101 a point (Bugman)
4. Mrs. Pharoah asked for a stairmaster... (Spaz)
3. The Babylonians dared 'em (The Manatee)
2. They needed scenery. (Thrakerzog)
1. After loosing their entire army chasing after a bunch of Hebrew sheepherds, they needing something to bolster their image. (Aaron Voisine)

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