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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Unlikely Headlines

10. Military's new opinion on gay's: "Hell, most of us are, so who cares!" (Jason)
9. Canadian loonie surpasses US greenback, closes at $1.02 (Kevin Loughlin (eh!))
8. Chealsea declines Stanford for McDonalds university (Slikker)
7. President Quayle declares war on Idaho (Venkman)
6. L.A. Voted safest US city (Jason)
5. Kennedys selected "Family of the Year" by the Moral Majority (Lefty's mom)
4. Clinton Gives Republic of Texas Most-Favored-Nation Status (MLL)
3. Amish Military invades New York (Venkman)
2. CDC Study Reveals Greasy Pizza, Beer Keys to Longevity. (lefty)
1. President Pauly Shore to rename White House to "Weasel Love Castle" (Venkman)

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