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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are About to Die on Star Trek

(submitted by Chad M. Gaynier)

10. You've just replaced Wesley Crusher at Conn (Rich)
9. You snarf that green guey stuff. (it@that)
8. Your only line is: "Aaaaagggghhhhh" (just me, Tom Buccine )
7. Instead of four hours in the make-up chair you now get 20 minutes with the apprentice- Tammy Fay Baker (lefty)
6. The episode titled "Transporter Accident" starts with you on the transporter pad. (I)
5. The script calls for a close-up of the back of your head and a loud diminished chord (just me, Julia Reece)
4. You ask Scotty to beam you aboard right away and he beams down a 2 by 4 (srp)
3. A cardboard moon rock is about to crush you. (Tom Buccine )
2. You tell Gowron that he looks like Screech with the Rocky Mountians on his head. (it@that)
1. Instead of making that chirping noise, your communicator plays taps. (David Skoglund)

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