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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Play the Lottery

10. More fun than just sending your money directly to the government (Motoman)
9. Playing the lottery is a safer bet than relying on Social Security for your retirement. (Berly, Aaron Voisine)
8. To keep the State income tax from escalating (J.W. Williams, David P.)
7. To save money on airfare to Vegas (Warlord)
6. So you can have an excuse to stay up until ten o'clock (JJ the Cow)
5. Your New Year's Resolution was to act more like your Uncle Buba. (Hoo Kairs)
4. To pay off your gambling debts (Wildstar)
3. Because you could get fined if you rip up your money and throw it to the wind (Impulse Shopper)
2. You've developed an uncontrollable need to sniff that scratch off stuff. (wubba)
1. You aren't very good at math. (Triften Chmil)

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