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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten things you don't want to hear while riding in a car with someone

(submitted by Mike Shawhan)

10. Can you see out of this windshield at all? (jojo the indian circus boy)
9. Man, it's like the car in front of me is, like, 4 dimensional, dude. (AmandaMG)
8. Look my head can fit through the steering wheel. (Toyer)
7. Careful - there's a wolverine loose in here somewhere... (The Bad Guy)
6. Sorry, my radio only gets polka stations (Vasitor)
5. Oops... My shoe is stuck under the brake. Here, hold the steering wheel while I try and get it. (Lettuce)
4. Umm... How does the steering wheel re-attach? (Lettuce)
3. Hey, look, someone put up all these road signs backwards! (jeff)
2. "So I says to the Midas guy, '$300 bucks for brakes?' Hell, I'll just use them until I really need to fix them." (Dave R., jaker)
1. The seat belts don't work too good back there, so if we start to get into some trouble, just try to go limp. ((Craig))

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