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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Fringe Benefits of Being a Computer Hacker

(submitted by Rei Nakazawa)

10. You don't suffer under the impact of the ozone hole. (Ramses)
9. The practice you got breaking into secret government files gives you a leg up in trying to program your VCR. (The Lizard Queen)
8. Social calender always flexible (John Kennedy)
7. Ability to sit for more than 10 hours at a time. (Jock)
6. No more irritating prank calls. Your line's always busy. (Logan5)
5. No one notices if you don't change your socks. (Thrakerzog)
4. You don't have to install an expensive burglaralarm to watch your house. The FBI is already doing that for you. (mrf, duh, hunter)
3. No one knows you really are really ugly... They just think so. (Lettuce)
2. You probably won a lot of money on the Kasparov/Deep Blue chess match. (Logan5)
1. You don't ever have to worry about those pesky girls asking you out on dates. (Aaron Voisine)

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