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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Terrible Things About Being a Clown

10. Having to wear an embarrasing "Hello, My Name is: Bozo" nametag at social events (NDB)
9. Can't lie about whose rainbow-colored glob of hair is clogging the shower drain. (Matt Slattery)
8. Finding Dr. Scholl's posturpedic shoe pads in anywhere near the right size (Josh, mialee)
7. Get beaten out for scholarships by those damned mimes (Hunter Rose)
6. Everytime you talk to your boss at work they call you a red-noser (mikew,
5. When people see your bizarre clothing, colorful hair, and makeup, they immediately assume that you're Dennis Rodman (NDB, Foxxy)
4. Big feet keep getting caught in escalators. (The Lizard Queen, Kevin Carter)
3. The Orkin man keeps trying to steal your shoes. (starWill)
2. Being the first clown stuffed in the toy car after the "Fiesta Night" buffet. (Haggis, Dave R.)
1. No man can live up to the huge exspectations your gigantic feet produce (Danny H)

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