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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor Belongs to a Cult

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10. That.... THING.... that ate your cat. (Logan5)
9. They keep knocking on your door asking to borrow a pint of virgin's blood. (Stickboy, Ella Huff)
8. You get a lot of ATF guys asking to use your bathroom. (Stickboy, ryan)
7. All those headless chickens in the trash.. (Wombat)
6. A Current Affair camps out on his lawn. (Garren)
5. People are always going into their house, but you've never seen anyone leave. (mjolnir)
4. Your wife goes over to borrow a cup of sugar and returns three weeks later with a shaved head and tattoo of a burning finger. And guess what? NO SUGAR! (Greg Brady)
3. He's always borrowing your virgin daughters, and never brings them back (Venkman)
2. All those cars parked outside his place during the summer solstice. (The Bad Guy)
1. The floating skulls. Definitely the floating skulls. Definitely. (Logan5)

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