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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Pet Goldfish Gripes

(submitted by Ella Huff)

10. The unbelievable number of Peeping Toms in the neighborhood (LY)
9. Never get taken on walks (Vasitor, Kat, MikeF)
8. Everybody else is excited about Thanksgiving dinner, but you're still getting algae flakes (JEB)
7. All your friends get to go to fraternity parties, but you never get to go (mikew)
6. The little blue rocks. I mean, who are they kidding? (David High)
5. No glory in making "human faces" at people (AmandaMG)
4. The stupid "gummi-worm on a paper-clip" joke the owner always pulls (Bob Clemmons)
3. Goldfish mob boss's that make you wear styrofoam shoes to go "sleep with the humans" (Aaron Voisine)
2. Having that annoying algae eater always following behind you sucking your fins (Foxxy (peanut1@usit))
1. Tough on the old ego to be sold for 20 cents. (Michael J. Dogstar)

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