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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have a Dumb Cat

(submitted by George Kathios)

10. He doesn't like the taste of the expensive cat food you bought him, but he still likes to lick his butt. (Toyer, MEL)
9. Never got the hang of saying "Meow;" goes "Moo" instead. (starWill)
8. You knitted it a "kitty sweater" and well, lets just say the sweater can't wear white to it's wedding.
7. It's been over a month since he's licked his genitals. (Pierre de Garcon)
6. Somehow he finds his way into the dishwasher once a week. (Tough tough Tommy Mo (Toughest damn kid I'll ever know))
5. Repeatedly sleeps on automatic lawn sprinkler heads. (Mark S. Fineman)
4. He's seen Sesame Street every day for the past five years, but he still can't read. (lefty)
3. Cleans ball of yarn with tongue, bats playfully at own self. (Josh)
2. Keeps coming home with "kick me" sign on back placed by neighbourhood mice. (vipercat)
1. She sits in front of the mirror for hours tilting her lead left and right trying to make friends with the "other" kitty (Angela(

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