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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear From Your Mechanic.

(submitted by Rei Nakazawa)

10. Wow! This car has two brake pedals! (Vasitor)
9. I am more than a mechanic.....I see mysself as a automechanical artist.....your car is my canvas...and when I am will be truly a masterpiece! (Venkman)
8. Waitaminute....didn't you pick up your car this morning?!?! (Venkman)
7. There isn't a car made that I can't put VW brake pads in (jrb)
6. Alright, all fixed for ya! Heres the keys, by bill, and a legal resease from damages should the vehicle explode without warning, and I left the leftover parts under the passenger seat... (Venkman)
5. "Hey, if you hear a wrench bangin' around in there somewhere, could you bring it back?" (NDB)
4. Windows? Oh yea...forgot about them.... MARTY! GET ME THE SARAN WRAP!! I'll have it fixed in a jiffy.... (Venkman)
3. Butch and the Boys and I were wonderin'... Could you make that knocking noise with your lips again? (Bob Clemmons)
2. Try not to use the clutch too often; I couldn't quite get it right. (Vasitor)
1. Hey, dude, I gotta lay low for a while. I stuffed some "merchandise" in your antifreeze container, so don't touch anything, okay? (Greg Brady)

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