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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Great Things about New York City Muggers

10. They can conveniently be hailed, just like cabbies, by simply waving your hand in the air with a twenty in it. (Isaias Banegas (Author of Isaias' Top Ten Website))
9. They leave their victims a tiny replica of the Empire State Building (voodoo)
8. The transfer of wealth is streamlined by eliminating government middlemen. (srp, Lefty)
7. They don't waste your time with small talk. (Diane Becken)
6. In our new age of technology, if they take more than 10 bucks they fax you a tax reciept. (k-type-person)
5. Will escort you to the ATM if you are a little short on cash (Dave R.)
4. They practice equal opportunity...they'll mug anybody. (Diane Becken, Motoman, The Manatee)
3. On a hot day, that cold steel poked in your ribs is refreshing! (Bob Clemmons)
2. Unlike NYC cabbies, most will rip you off in English. (Amanda)
1. They know all the best tourist spots (Couch Potatoe Farmer)

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