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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Interview Answers

10. Yes, Yes Yes I like that tie sir. (B. Noser)
9. I work great in groups, but I love working by myself for months at a time. (Sheldon White)
8. I feel the education I received while in prison will be invaluable to your company. (Danny Myers)
7. My ex-boss said I was a safety hazard, but honestly, I don't know how that paper clip lodged itself in my nose. (Lane)
6. Well no, but I'll try anything once. (Stickboy)
5. A loud resonant belch (Overkill)
4. Only 2, but they were asking for it. (pov)
3. Can I call my Mom about that one? (UNKNOWN)
2. Which drugs did you want me to test? (sondra)
1. The chicken came first. (mjolnir)

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