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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Batman Villains

(submitted by Josh Wilson)

10. The Slug (Pugsly)
9. The Telemarketer (Michdog)
8. Mr. Sneeze, and his side kick Hairball. (SPLAT)
7. Tax Man [was too scary for adult viewers] (cindy)
6. Pretty Rita Meter Maid and her Ticket Book of Death (Drew)
5. Reggae Mon [complete with poison tipped dreadlocks] (The Lizard Queen)
4. Mr. Pick'n'flick (speedabu, Paul M. Croughn)
3. Geraldo Rivera as "Mr. Sleaze" (Kat)
2. Mr. Breeze [like Mr. Freeze only he farts a lot] (Kristie Perry, The Ultimate Warrior)
1. Mike Tyson as "The Nibbler" [bats need their ears] (Bob, Steve Jarczak, Hotfoot3)

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