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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways the 21st Century Will Be Different

10. 306,257 channels...and nothing on. (Reck)
9. Teachers will earn combat pay (Bob Clemmons)
8. Hologram named "Skippy" will host Late Show (UhateTX2)
7. Killer whales will become extinct. The Free Willy movies will stop. (mjolnir)
6. Three words: "shiny silver jumpsuits" (Greg Brady)
5. Increased generational strife over correct reference: "2K, "20 Hundred" or "20 Ought-Zero". (Impulse Shopper)
4. Microsoft Office "00" name will finally be descriptive of the product (Charlie & Donna(
3. Will be able to whiz by gas stations in your new electric car, but try finding an extension cord when you need one (Bri Guy)
2. Disney "World" will take on an entirely new and broader meaning as Disney will own the entire world (Katherine C-G)
1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers join Ross Perot, form third distinct American political party (Chris Bird)

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