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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Pro Sports Team Names

(submitted by Mike Dulaney)

10. The New York City Sewer Rats (freeek)
9. The Mighty Aardvarks (BAM)
8. Washington Rednecks (Antwon,
7. Three Mile Island Mutants (Willy)
6. Bombay Doors (Haggis)
5. The Lake Okechobee Mudfish (Chris Pittman)
4. The Fightin' Amish (rob, Opie, bmfc1)
3. The Calabasas Men of Molassas (Tom Buccine )
2. The Boston Cream-Pies (Doug R)
1. The New Hampshire Half Pints (Tom Buccine )

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