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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have Applied To The Wrong Job

(submitted by Lesley Taylor )

10. The position requires a high school education... And all you have is a college. (Dumbass)
9. Your $200 Armani tie keeps getting dunked in the deep fryer. (Inort Pinortny)
8. There are fifteen staples attaching the application to a medical release form. (Charlie & Donna)
7. Pre-screening applicants means losing your fingerprints and your identity. (JS)
6. There is yellow police tape all around the office. (G Man)
5. You ask for a ridiculous salary and they're all too happy to give it to you. (Skip.)
4. Your personal company car is a lowered pink Cadillac with tinted windows. (Michael Lewis)
3. After presenting your resume, you have to explain what a resume is. (Steve Weiss)
2. Half of the interview is taken up by a weird guy in a lab coat measuring the size of your head. (NDB)
1. Question #23 asks if you own your own knee pads. (Keithtc@aol)

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