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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Satan's Top Ten Pet Peeves

(submitted by Chad M. Gaynier)

10. Fire & brimstone actually smells not unlike that "new car" smell (Bishop)
9. BBQ chefs that tell you "how to make a real fire" (Steve Weiss)
8. Chia pet keeps bursting into flames (vipercat)
7. No good pizza places deliver to hell (Warchild)
6. Everytime God is done with a memo, he sticks it on your tail (Bob Clemmons)
5. Those damn imps always stealing the remote (John Dzik)
4. Since switching to alternative power, hell not smokey and dark anymore (Charlie & Donna)
3. Now need proof of age to buy cigarettes at 7-11 (Hrvd Girl)
2. Junk mail from the Montgomery Wards mailing list (Venkman)
1. People from Phoenix who enjoy the "dry heat." (

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