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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That The Earth May Be Flat

(submitted by KuddleZ)

10. Scientists find the cookie cutter it was shaped with. (rob)
9. Big sign on the horizon that says "World Ends Here--Please Use Caution." (Starr, Rotten Luck Willie)
8. The moon is. (Wouldn't you like to know)
7. All that silicone in the rocks just makes it look big and round. (Charlie & Donna)
6. If it were round all the water would run off. (Skip)
5. When it sings, it sounds about a half pitch low. (Anon.)
4. Every time you mention Magellan, people start chuckling and winking at each other. (Laffman)
3. Scientists analyze the approaching astral phenomenon as a giant coin slot. (Ammusionist)
2. Rand McNally, without giving any reason or warning, suddenly recalls 5.2 billion globes. (NDB)
1. How else do you explain Kansas? (PaulKing)

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