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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Know You're Watching a Bad Movie

(submitted by Wombat)

10. The audience takes turns making shadow puppets on the screen. (Paul King)
9. The terrorists only demand a gift certificate to WalMart. (Clueless)
8. The only positive review in the paper is by a 2nd Grader named Francis in Detriot (Venkman)
7. You find yourself hoping the bad guy will kill eveyone soon so you can go home. (lefty)
6. The deafening chant of the crowd going: "Back to the Previews! Back to the Previews" (Venkman)
5. The director is spotted on camera several times, pushing the actors into place. (mjolnir)
4. The title contains the word bimbo (donna)
3. It's a sequel in the double digits (Vasitor)
2. Pauly Shore is rumored to have turned down the lead role. (Laffman)
1. One week after its release at theatres, it shows up at the local video store. (Keithtc@aol)

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