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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things George Washington Would Say If He Were Alive Today

(submitted by Jake & Lorri)

10. "You mean ANYBODY can vote? That explains a lot." (lefty)
9. "Lincoln, Shmlincoln--How much can you charge people to sleep in MY bedroom?" (DC Williamson)
8. "Green really isn't my color." (Pittsburgh Princess)
7. "Jeez! I better lay off the snooze button from now on." (Laffman)
6. "Trust me, white wigs will come back in..." (Bugh)
5. "Can I get sum noo teef." (Polar-0K)
4. "Yes I am the Father of this country and you're all grounded!" (slober)
3. "How does my birthday keep falling on a Monday?" (maj)
2. "Well, well. Look at that monument. Someone must have been talking to Martha." (Overkill)
1. "Show me the money?? I AM the money!" (Laffman)

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