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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That Your Computer is Not User Friendly

(submitted by Rei Leaper Nakazawa)

10. Instead of "press any key..." it says "hold-ctl-alt-pg up-q-\-while typing a detailed reason why you would like to continue." (weird1)
9. The default error message is "Insufficient Operator Intelligence." (lefty)
8. You have to type in seven different passwords just to change the font on your word processor. (Overkill)
7. Whenever you go to drag an icon, a giant hand reaches across the screen, snatches the icon away, and shouts "Mine, mine, MINE!" (Logan Five)
6. Any command has to be given two weeks in advance. (Thomas Palsson)
5. You must load the OS each day from 2 boxes of punch cards. (Charlie & Donna)
4. It keeps trying to catch your hand in the CD-ROM tray. (Triften Chmil)
3. The list of tech support numbers includes the Suicide Hotline. (Warlok)
2. You need a crowbar to open your folders. (Brainiac)
1. "There is no HAL Dave, only ZUUL." (Venkman)

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