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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Slogans for Monday Night Football

10. Leeeetttts get ready to fuummbblle!!!! (BritandI, zuck)
9. Elephant Ballet (Ruggers)
8. Women's Night Out (Jake & Lorri & Inde)
7. Watch us, or we'll send the Dallas Cowboys to your house. (jay)
6. Don't let Kathy Lee know what city the game is in. ( Frank)
5. Brought to you by the Colombian Cocaine Processers Association (Drew)
4. Beer: it's not just for Sunday afternoons anymore (Maniac Bob)
3. You've seen them on "Cops", now see them here! (Laffman)
2. Monday Night Football with our "National Enquirer halftime report" (Rotten Luck Willie)
1. Number one professional sports league of the NRA. (vipercat)

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