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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have a Gambling Problem

(submitted by slober)

10. You actually tried to gamble your pacemaker (Greg Brady)
9. Your doctor just replaced your kneecaps with tempered steel plates, at your request. (Overkill)
8. You get goose bumps when the Pepsi machine drops coins for change. (Not Opie)
7. You're giving Gambler's Anonymous 10:1 odds they can't cure you (jay)
6. You force your family to play monopoly with real cash! (Spotgun/PLO)
5. You find yourself saying the words "I'll see your ten thousand and raise you my wife" more and more often now (NDB)
4. Some guy named Vinny has you on his speed dial (Michael Lewis)
3. You view your $3000 loss at the dogtrack as "Not a bad day at the races". (Thomas Palsson)
2. You recycle cans to buy lottery tickets (lefty)
1. Ceasar's Palace sends a limo to pick you up -- and you live in Tulsa. (Inort Pinortny)

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