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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Can't Trust Your Siblings

(submitted by Diana)

10. Instead of Milk, your siblings drank '40's as children (RYRY)
9. Out of habit, you keep one eye open at night (cindy lou)
8. When you ask if you got any mail, they chuckle and say "Nothing important." (Vasitor)
7. You're brother has gotten $10,000 from the tooth fairy, and all you have is a mouth without teeth. (Laffman)
6. You remember waking up in the dishwasher a lot when you were a kid (JEB)
5. Everytime you walk into the room they start speaking spanish, and your name comes up A LOT. (Greg Brady)
4. Your room has been sub-leased to a border while you were at the movies (Patty)
3. Excerpts from your diary begin appearing in the school newspaper. (Paul King)
2. You find them in your basement screaming "Fire, fire!" and chasing your hamster with a blowtorch. (Joe-mo)
1. Whenever you have pillow fights, you're the only one who's not allowed to use brass knuckles. (Jman)

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