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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have Too Much Money

10. The ten foot tall solid gold statue of "Serra- The Magic Goddess" in your back yard. (Vasitor)
9. You own your very own secret spy agency (Chris Bird)
8. Upon consulting your records, you learn, to your surprise, that you own Ecuador (Green)
7. Your presto logs are made from $100 bills (EDW)
6. Most of your afternoons are spent lying outside in a loose pile of fifties (rob)
5. Bill Gates keeps folding in your poker games, saying "Too rich for my blood." (Doug R)
4. Those "James Bond" movie people always want to borrow your F-16. (Doug R)
3. Gas clerk has a fit when you ask if he can break a thousand. (Amanda)
2. You bet countries for your golf wager. (Odie)
1. Your kids keep trying to get you to eat more cheeseburgers and excercise less. (lefty)

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