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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Going Insane

10. you amuse yourself for hours sculpting a glazed ham into the likeness of Yassir Arafat
9. Lately, you couldn't care less about wearing clothes to work. (Thomas Palsson)
8. You report to police that burglars have broken into your home and replaced your furniture with identical replicas. (vipercat)
7. It's all THEM!! They're plotting against you!! (MadDog)
6. A sign on your door reads, "Twas the night before my birthday, and all through my socks. Mmm Twinkies!" (Chris Pittman)
5. The results of a recent poll of your personalities were : 55% nuts, 35% sane, and 10% undecided. (lefty)
4. The voices in your head are becoming more and more insistant that you remove your small toe before it's too late. (Vasitor)
3. Your psychologist tells you that you're "really freaking him out" (Greg Brady)
2. For lunch you have a bacon, LSD, and tomato sandwich. (Vasitor)
1. The only thing the voices in your head agree on is that you must eat more cheese. (lefty)

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