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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses Heard on the Space Station Mir

(submitted by Mary G. Becker)

10. It was like that when I got here. (Doug R)
9. Faulty duct tape used at time of assembly. (kyl)
8. Hey, that thing was in my blind spot. (Opie's mom)
7. The Radio Shack guy said that this would work. (Killroy)
6. I just looked down to change the radio station for one second, and...BAM! (Laffman)
5. I was trying to kill a really big spider and things got out of hand. (Greg Brady)
4. We wanted to win top prize in Russian Funniest Videos Show (Slack)
3. The final match of the best of 3 pillowfight series got a bit out of hand. (JMan)
2. The pretzel boy did it. (Warchild)
1. Those damn Americans wanted to say "Houston, we have a problem." (Chad Wood)

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