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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Drawbacks of Going to the Moon

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10. Accidentally erasing Neil Armstrong footprints (Lalli)
9. No matter what they say, Moon Pies from the actual moon just aren't as tasty (Starr)
8. Something not so glamorous about being stuffed into a tiny capsule with two other men for a week (The Manatee)
7. It's made of Limberger cheese and you were hoping for Muenster (Dogstar)
6. Moon dust allergies are horrible this time of year (N. Drops)
5. Usually run out of chips and salsa by second lunar orbit (SurfDawg)
4. Neil Armstrong gets the majestic quote ("one small step for man..."); you get stuck with: "it sure beats Idaho!" (ole sparky)
3. Ground Control always puts in Apollo 13 as the inflight movie (The Manatee)
2. Must catch a connecting flight at Mir (Boris)
1. It's just a little too close to my in-laws house... (wubba)

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