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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Summer Is Over

(submitted by Lorri)

10. You find yourself waiting 10 minutes at every intersection for school buses to make a left turn (
9. Neighbor stops blowing cut grass on your lawn; starts blowing leaves into your driveway. (PKing)
8. Your feet are wearing through your sandals. (RAW WOLF)
7. Department store display of plastic lawn flamingos has been replaced by Chia Nativity Scene kit. (lefty)
6. Teenagers are suddenly out of bed and clothed before noon. (Impulse Shopper)
5. The flashers are wearing gloves. (dogleg)
4. The neighborhood school has a fresh coat of graffiti. (lefty)
3. In LA the temperature plummets from 85 to 84. (Stickboy)
2. New Yorkers celebrate the two weeks between sticking to their seats and freezing to them. (The Manatee)
1. Martha Stewart flips you off for wearing white linen. (Quickdraw)

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