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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Dining Faux Pas's

10. Sending your escargot back to the kitchen because there are snails on the plate (martyc)
9. Using the wrong fork to poke your date. (Laffman)
8. Not licking hands clean before sticking them in the gravy boat. (DC Williamson)
7. Stabbing a waiter with your fork to get his attention (Overkill)
6. Eating lobster - shell & all - then complaining "it was tough". (Norm Shelton)
5. Using the wrong spoon handle to pick your ears with. (Leaper)
4. You pronounce the finger bowl to be "tepid and not very flavorful." (jeff)
3. 8 cents and some pocket lint does not constitute a reasonable tip. (quickdraw)
2. Asking for extra taint on your beef. (vipercat)
1. Trying to super-size your steak and lobster (NDB)

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