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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs the CIA is Out to Get You

(submitted by Audra)

10. You found your obituary postdated in the newspaper. (Greg Brady)
9. The plumbing company has been doing 6 months of repairs on the vacant lot across the street. (
8. All of your mail has coffee and jelly doughnut stains on it. (sap,
7. Your cat is replaced by small camera, covered with fake fur. (Jimbo)
6. Your wife is suddenly three inches shorter and now a brunette. (Greg Brady)
5. A truck marked "Ordinary Van" has been outside your house for 3 weeks now. (Carlos)
4. While giving your cousin a recipe over the phone, some guy occasionally chimes in asking if that was one teaspoon or two. (Greg Brady)
3. The laser sight on their sniper rifles keeps changing the TV channel. (WyldBill)
2. All the muffled whispering coming from behind your bathroom mirror (Stickboy)
1. John Grishom keeps calling you for "the inside scoop." (ole sparky)

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