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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things NOT To Put In Your Wedding Vows

(submitted by Lorri Lawrence)

10. GO CUBS! (vipercat)
9. A pledge to never leave the seat up (lefty)
8. Ear-Splitting shriek to "break the tension" (Philula)
7. Free Agency clause in 3 years (Ryan Stoops)
6. "I promise to love you more than I loved my last 5 wives." (Garren)
5. Any mention of malt liquor (ole sparky)
4. Long, tearful goodbye speeches to old boyfriends/girlfriends (Philula)
3. "Heads, we get married, Tails, I leave you at the alter." (Steve Weiss)
2. The word "Three-some" (OP)
1. A wink and courtesy greeting to ex-girlfreinds in attendance (

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