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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Eat Cotton Candy

10. Your employer provides you with all of that dental insurance, so why waste it? (Michael Lewis, Jenny,
9. After two Dodger dogs, three beers, peanuts, nachos, and a jumbo popcorn, you want something sweet... but not filling. (lefty)
8. Unlike the "milk moustache", the "cotton candy goatee" is still tasty after a few hours. (JMan)
7. Clothes dryer used by carnival personnel runs more efficiently when the lint trap has been emptied (
6. Red #3 helps maintain that healthy pink complexion. (curtis)
5. If you eat enough, you could poop a new sweater. (Dogstar, Eddie Hipp)
4. Those cool, sticky stains on your fingers makes it easier to clean up pocket lint. (wubba)
3. Support for your local cotton growers. (Rye Rye)
2. It tastes better than that pink stuff up in the attic. (srp, rob, Jenny, Spirit)
1. Fiber (

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