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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That Your Pets Hate You

(submitted by KuddleZ)

10. You mysteriously find the kitty litter box mixed in with your Grape Nuts (Big Mac)
9. You throw your dog a bone... he hurls it back... at your head. (SurfDawg)
8. They have posters of Cujo hanging on their walls (Greg Brady)
7. Your mom had to tie a porkchop to your head to get the dog to play with you (Kixster)
6. You catch the cat tampering with your brakes (lefty)
5. Your parrot keeps sqawking, "Polly wants to kill you! Polly wants to kill you!" (Laffman)
4. Somehow that "Cat's got your tongue" joke isn't as funny when you get to the hospital. (Ev)
3. Fish have installed mirrored glass on the tank so that you can't see in (Kent)
2. Wake you up in the morning by scratching at your eyeballs. (Josh)
1. Hired Vito and Pauli, two bull dogs from New Jersey, to "really mess you up" (quickdraw)

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