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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That You've Chosen the Wrong Airline

(submitted by Jon Gilbert)

10. The Ground Crew manual is called Airplane Maintenance for Dummies (Impulse Shopper)
9. Every meal, on every flight, in every area all over the world: Spam (Fonz)
8. During the safety presentation, they apologize if the seats, which act as a floatation device, are not fully dried out yet. (Bob Clemmons)
7. They insist on putting identification tags on all of your limbs (C. Myers)
6. Two Words: Barrel Rolls (Doug R)
5. The pilot says "We've reached our cruising altitude of 30,000 feet, it's a nice day out, so we're going to roll down the windows and put the top down." (Stormcrow)
4. A big fat guy has to stand in front of the door to keep the plane from depressurizing ( Vasitor)
3. No matter where you're going, all flights go through Des Moines, Iowa (rob)
2. The duct tape on the wings is a DEAD giveaway (Nob461, Phil,, ttuwhite, Hula Man, Norm Shelton)
1. An hour into the flight, a guy comes out of the cockpit, hands you a captain's hat, and informs you that it's your turn. (Josh)

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