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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things The Statue of Liberty Would Like to Say.

(submitted by blackbass)

10. "The camera totally made me look 10 tons heavier in Ghostbusters 2." (burticus)
9. "This book is, like, over a hundred years overdue." (Nick Flavin)
8. "Shoo! Shoo!" (Greg Brady)
7. "I wonder how much taller I'd be in heels." (Craig, but you wouldn't know it just by looking at me.)
6. "Mr. Liberty better have a good excuse, I've been waiting here in NYC Harbor for quite a while now." (Rotten Luck Willie)
5. "Boy... that guy, Kramer, on Sienfeld... Hubba Hubba..." (Dude, Man)
4. "If I ever get my hands on that David Copperfield, I'll make him disappear." (Michael Lewis, J dog)
3. "Stop the voices in my head." (chuck, Anne Gree)
2. "Does anyone know if the Thomas Jefferson head from Mt. Rushmore is seeing anyone?" (Jacques)
1. "Hey, you down there . . . look up my dress once more and I'll step on you!!" (Opal)

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