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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Chelsea Clinton's Top Ten Stanford Complaints

10. Being called the "first frosh"
9. The school's already sending donation letters to her parents. (Leaper)
8. Secret Service agents keep arresting her friends for underage drinking (stimpy)
7. Even though every answer starts with "Well, my father says...", still cannot get an 'A' in Poli Sci 1. (quickdraw)
6. Secret Service goons shot her last three dates when they tried to kiss her. (Overkill)
5. Professors unphased by "Oh yeah, well MY dad's the president!" remarks. (Paul M. Croughn)
4. Other kids make fun of her bongs with the Presidential Seal emblazoned on the side (ryan)
3. All the pesky politics majors will not stop asking her out!! (Tickle-me-Tito)
2. Not as much fun "necking" when secret service is in the front seat. (Bugh)
1. Must hold "coffee meetings" in dorm room to offset tuition costs (quickdraw)

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