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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard During the Breaking of the Land Speed Record

10. "Hey guys, you were right -- The tighter you wind the rubber band, the faster it goes." (Vuja Day)
9. "I hear he drives a cab on the weekends." (
8. "Hey, I just got passed by the Domino's delivery driver." (Vuja Day)
7. "Just a little faster and maybe we can catch that pesky Road Runner!" (Laffman)
6. "The suction cups on Garfield just let go, I think we got the record." (Bangli)
5. "I told you not to stick your arm out the window when I'm driving this fast." (quickdraw)
4. "Was that a sonic boom or did you have chilli for lunch again?" (Opie, Andy S.)
3. "Get your 'breaking the land speed record' t-shirt...only $15!" (Philula)
2. "Another Sandra Bullock sequel?" (quickdraw)
1. "Finally, a productive use for salt flats." (NDB)

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