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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That Your Mailman is Crazy

(submitted by John Dzik)

10. He likes driving the mail truck, because he thinks it's a good way to pick up chicks (Emporer Insane Clown)
9. He wears an eye patch and makes you take the mail from the mouth of a stuffed parrot mounted on his shoulder (Keithtc@aol)
8. Once a week paramedics must be called in to remove his head from your mailbox (Opie)
7. He crushes your children's toys with his "monster truck" postal jeep (Anne Gree)
6. He keeps trying to slip his therapy bills in with your mail (NDB)
5. Wears t-shirt that says, "One more crack about "Going Postal" and you are toast, pal !" (Vuja Day)
4. His mail truck has small children with X's through them stamped on its side (Overkill)
3. You order the 4/$20 panties from Victoria's Secret and the package contains 3 pairs of panties and a pair of Fruit of the Loom's... (Garren)
2. If you ask him how he's doing, he'll only answer "disgruntled" or "not disgruntled" (NDB)
1. On April Fool's Day you get all the mail for everyone in Chicago (JEB)

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