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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your House is Haunted

(submitted by Greg Brady)

10. All your white sheets keep disappearing. (Laffman)
9. You find copies of Playghost magazine laying around the house. (Brunopia, Jeffrey Hall)
8. Eye of newt and bat wings regulary missing from the spice rack in your kitchen. (Julia Adolescent)
7. Lighted all-weather broomport on roof with homing beacon. (Languisherous)
6. Long distance phone calls to "The Underworld" always turning up on your bills (JEB)
5. Those ghouls always asking you to turn the heat down (Kevin Loughlin)
4. October: Mouse problem. You set traps. November: Zombie mouse problem. (NDB)
3. Your dog dies from exhaustion trying to bury all the bones from skeletons in the closets. (Vuja Day)
2. The ghost gets mail from Ed McMahon (Rotten Luck Willie)
1. Loud, mysterious Booing whenever you try to watch "Ghostbusters" (

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