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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Undercover Assignments

(submitted by Guinevere the Jedi Knight)

10. Posing as graveyard shift clerk at 7-11 to try to catch Coke truck driver swiping a Pepsi. (Canned)
9. Litterbox security for the Clinton's cat. (Democat)
8. Sane person at a postal convention (Fred)
7. Tracking Joe Camel's and the Marlboro Man's whereabouts. (Artificial Intelligence)
6. Undercover assignment to detect employee pilferage in the mail-in colon cancer detection kit analysis department. (Medicquipper)
5. Infiltrate the Tootsie Pop factory; find out how many licks it REALLY takes (Josh E.)
4. To hide as leftovers as you try to find that tiny little man that turns off the light every time someone closes the refridgerator door. (WBM)
3. Infiltrate the ranks of our nation's Cub Scouts to expose unsafe whittling practices. (Fluff)
2. Sting operation at the senior center for alleged unauthorized "Maalox" trafficking. (Cartman)
1. Central park statue ruse to catch muggers during the height of the pigeon feeding time. (Gobie Dillis)

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